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Old 07-28-2008, 10:07 PM
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Default ExtremeView Magnum how to's

Step By Step: How to Load A ExtremeView Magnum XV3300 File

1. Make sure your Null Modem Cable is plugged in and the Magnum is powered "OFF”.
2. Power "OFF" the magnum via the rear on/off switch, attach the Null Cable to PC and Magnum
3. Double click the "xdown" icon.
4. Click "File > Send" and select the latest bin file.
5. Power the Magnum "ON" via the rear panel switch.
6. The software and the receiver will start counting up to 100, and then the Receiver will show "FLSh", meaning it's flashing the EEPROM.
7. Wait until the receiver says "GOOD", then cycle the power button OFF and ON in the back.
8. That's it!

* Now you can setup your satellites, or if that has already been done, watch TV!

1. With the remote press "Menu", side scroll to the Dish Icon
2. Scroll down and select "Factory Default"
3. Click OK, Pin Code is 0000 or 1818
4. Scroll down and click on "Factory Satellite Restore"
5. Select "America_Area"
6. Select the desired satellite and click on it
7. Edit settings, scroll down to "DISEqC" and press OK
8. Select YES to save
9. Wait for it to say OK on bottom right side of window
10. Select Satellite
11. On the remote press "Menu" to go back one screen and select "Set up Satellite", press OK
12. Select Satellite you want to set up and press OK
13. Make necessary changes, then press "Menu" to go back one screen
14. Select the Satellite you want to scan for channels In the Channel Search" window turn "Sid" function "ON", select "Start", press OK
15. Wait until the channel search (scan) is complete then press “Exit” on your remote. It will ask to save, select Yes, press OK on the remote
16. Enjoy your Extreme View Magnum XV3300

magnum keys pgf.........................................

magnum sat scan etc pdf..............................
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